My apologies for the silence over the past month. Regular posts to Auto-Pain 2.0 will resume within ten days, rest assured!

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My deepest sympathy

Let’s keep an eye on this as it develops, but, if only for the sake of this blog, I find it hard to believe T-Pain has laid Auto-Tune (and that $400,000+ chain!) to rest once and for all.

A reader left the following response to my previous post:

“Dr. Auto-Pain,
Is the flange what is used to make Carl’s voice match the rhythmic profile of the instruments?

Your use of the phrase “entry level” leads me to ask if you are suggesting that the older, more established effects such as flangers, reverb, echo, or even the placement of mics in a studio are less sophisticated than Auto-Tune.”

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The weekly ‘Web content’ post spotlights Auto-Tune in basements, garages and bedrooms across the web—in other words, tracks using the “I am T-Pain” iPhone app and similar technology. I cast the net wider with this post, however. Last week, Miami rapper C-Ride released the video “Money Round Here” featuring T-Pain. Continue Reading »